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At Davis AHS, we provide an integrative approach having created programs that are individualized to a client’s specific health needs. Our Mission and Goal for all practice members is to make them independent from the medical system. Having created a unique team approach that guides, mentors and coaches the individual, our programs incorporate the missing pieces that are needed in reclaiming your life, youth and health. These include detoxification, nutritional support, hormonal balance, and proper exercise which are essential for optimal function of the nervous system. Our individualized programs address the root cause of a condition specifically by assessing the five foundational pillars of health and their relationship to the four major body systems. See the Patient/Client page to learn more

Dr. Kenneth Y. and Lisa V. Davis have been teaching and developing Advanced Chiropractic Techniques, Natural Force Healing and Bio-Vibrational/Energetic Techniques throughout the United States and Internationally for the last 39 years. Dr. Davis, has been presenting The Art of Visceral Manipulation and Temporal Sphenoidal Diagnosis. Recently, he has created and been teaching ENAT, Energetic Nutrition Assessment Technique, a unique new system for rapidly assessing the nutritional and biochemical status of the body. To learn more about upcoming seminars and programs, see the Practitioners’ Page.

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