Natural Force Healing Program

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Natural Force Healing Program:

Beginning in September, 2015, The Natural Force Healing program will begin with various locations around the United States. Natural Force Healing is a revolutionary and complete system of Healing and Self Healing utilizing Specific and Amplified Energies, Vibrations and Frequencies known as “Bio-Vibrational Therapy”. Dr. Davis was mentored by the late Dr. M.L.Rees of Sedan, Kansas, considered a pioneer in the Chiropractic Profession for his advanced research and developments as well as being one of the worlds foremost reseachers in the Science, Art and Philosophy of Harmonic Therapy based upon the Nobel Prize winning work of Madame and Pierre Currie in the late 1800′s. Dr. Davis was the principle instructor for the International Systemic Health Organization founded by Dr. Rees in the 1960′s teaching practitioners of all kinds throughout the world. NFH as developed by Dr.Davis and his wife, Lisa Davis is a culmination of their time and travels with Dr.Rees leading to their development and teaching of Natural Force Healing in 1991 beginning in Seattle, Washington. NFH has been taught to hundreds of health care practitioners and lay people alike throughout the U.S. and internationally with astounding results.


Interested students are advised to please listen to and view website for the audio interview of Natural Force Healing. Additionally, please visit and listen to the archived radio shows of 7.27.09, 8.17.09, 11.2.09, and 12.14.09, Creating Health: Body, Mind and Spirit – Dr. Davis’ radio programs on Natural Force Healing and a complete understanding of the System can be found on the home page as well.





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The Phase I and Phase II workshops are two day, 16 hour workshoops. Phase I teaches the background, developement and utilization of the Twelve Force Levels as well as Self Healing Techniques. The Phase II workshop presents the student with advanced concepts and procedures that go deeper into the understanding, cause and correction of distortion in the Triune of Well Being. Each workshop also includes a newly updated manual.

New Classes to begin in September 2015 around the United States:


The Phase I and Phase II workshop tuition includes an updated manual.

  • Tuition: $495.00 (including manual) for either Phase I or Phase II

Program in Natural Force Healing Course Curriculum



Massage Therapists Receive 16 CE Credits for Each Phase

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